• I hate to make a comparison, but really he's the closest thing comics has to Picasso in that he's prolific, he paints from the heart, and his paintings are very passionate, very distinctive. When you see a David Mack, you know it's a David Mack right off the bat. Terry Moore
  • My way has always been just to do it first, and after it's done, it finds a place to the readers. It's better than talking to someone ahead of time and asking them to tell me how to do it, because then you are just going to get what they are asking you to do. I'd rather just do it my own way first. David Mack
  • He just can't contain this stuff, it just pours out of him. I've never known a guy to do such gorgeous work and so much of it. Terry Moore
  • Comics are such as great medium to just let the emotional content shine through with the artwork. Sometimes you can be very detailed oriented and more literal with it, and sometimes you can just let it do its own thing. David Mack
  • The Kabuki books that have came out over the years are beautifully drawn, they are great complex stories, and the more I've learned about David, the more I realized he was researching all of this; he has been to Japan a bunch, it was really impressive. He's a unique guy, very physical, very passionate. Terry Moore
  • I've never formally drawn a distinction between ending being a kid and being an adult, which is one of the fun things about doing what I do…it's like a part of me never has to put on the brakes and stop thinking whimsically. David Mack
  • Sometimes your ideas and your instincts are smarter than you are. You just have to realize that. David Mack

Atlanta Comics Expo, April 21-22, 2007
Pittsburgh Comicon, Saturday, April 28, 2007, 3 p.m. in the Butler Room
Gulf Coast Film and Video Film Festival, Saturday, September 15, 2007, 4:05 pm in the state-of-the-art Proscenium Theater on the San Jacinto College South campus in the new Flickinger Fine Arts Building.