Critics rave  "pure gold"  "5 stars"  "really entertaining"  "highly recommend"

A feature-packed look inside the world of Eisner Award winner Terry Moore.  Since its debut in 1993, Terry's "Strangers in Paradise" (SiP) has won numerous accolades and a fiercely loyal fan base.  "Strangers in Paradise" is the story of dark pasts and hopeful futures, double-crosses and true friendship, love and hate.  This 2-hour DVD features an in depth interview with Terry, a tour of his studio, a narrated peek into Terry's notebook and a look at Terry at work.  The video includes several surprises for SiP fans, including an examination of Terry's previous careers as a video editor and a musician.  As a special bonus, Terry performs some songs featured in SiP.  Anyone interested in the workings of the creative mind will find inspiration in this video. 

  • Hero Video Productions DVD Release Panel at Comic-ConPulse News, July 2005
    "In agreeing to be interviewed, Moore placed his trust in Jurls and the Hero Video Productions team, and he has been pleased with the results. "It’s been a really wonderful experience to work with them. I knew I was in good hands."

  • Stairway to Heaven: "Terry Moore: Paradise Found", Toon Zone, May 2005
    "Terry Moore: Paradise Found is the inaugural DVD in Hero Video Productions’ line of original content, with an extended video interview with Moore forming the core of the disc."

    "...exceptionally illuminating for any reader of Moore’s work."

    "Moore manages to be both deeply thoughtful and wickedly funny."

    "The DVD itself is very well crafted and doesn't use annoying DVD "features" like long and noisy animated menus or overlong transition sequences."

    "...the combination of an interesting and engaging subject and the high quality of the final product make this disc indispensable for any fans of Moore’s work."

  • ReviewsJazma Online, April 2005
    "Incredible, most incredible!"

    "The interview is very in depth, the interviewer really gets into Terry's head and Terry tells all. I was completely glued through the whole interview."

    "Hero Productions is producing DVDs that are provocative, thought stimulating and just plain exciting to watch. I can't wait to see what Hero Productions has up their sleeve! Hero Productions are definitely movers and shakers!"

  • "Paradise" found, Innocent Bystander, February 2005
    "...long and fascinating interview with Terry...."

    "The DVD is very professionally done (by Hero Video Productions)"

  • Latest FeaturesDigital Webbing, January 2005
    "If you have ever been to an artist’s alley at a comic convention, then you probably know the feeling of the energy that radiates from the gathering of such creative people. “Terry Moore: Paradise Found” radiates the same energy, and you cannot help but be inspired by this artist and his work. If you are already one of Terry’s fans, then this DVD is pure gold; if you are not yet acquainted with his work, then this video will leave you wanting to see more."

    "Paradise Found is well organized and very informative to both fans and those who wish to succeed in the comic industry. It is also inspirational, reinforcing that a career as an independent comic book creator is still possible."

    "...this DVD holds quite a bit of excellent information and material."

    "...the DVD gets a high rating, and I am sure we will watch it again and again."

  • ReviewsMediaSharX, December 2004
    "The interview, while the core of the DVD at over an hour in length, is just part of the goodies on this beast."

    "...the best feature on the disc, I found, was a collection of Moore's music, including songs included in the book and excerpts from his youth as a struggling musician. The most powerful piece, however is a song sung by Desha Dunnahoe."

    "...PARADISE FOUND presents something other than extra features tacked onto releases of big league superhero movies. It is an intimate conversation with an artist who has captivated a section of the industry for years, and seems honestly happy to get the chance to put his work out there."

    "Whether you're a fan of STRANGERS IN PARADISE, or even just interested in the creative process and how life lessons can be used to fuel ideas, you can't go wrong with PARADISE FOUND."

  • ReviewsDVD Talk, November 2004
    "Recommended. The movie Terry Moore: Paradise Found package raises the level by giving viewers a bunch of creative extras that explore different aspects of the artist's work. In a lot of respects, the disc may be more for fans than those who have never read the Strangers in Paradise comic book series before; it's a noble independent effort to expose one man's creative process."